reinvision music

Angel Vivaldi

I have been the full time bassist for Angel
Vivaldi for many years. The music is
instrumental shred metal with a focus on
melodies and intensity. It gives me an
outlet for my 6 string fretted and fretless
bass playing. Click the link below for
more information and the latest news
with this exciting project.

Mike Blair Project

Mike Blair and I have been
collaborating for a long time. He is an
amazingly talented vocalist and
performer. There is a long overdue
concept album in the works, a lot of
covers kicking around, and presently
working towards material for
presenatation and performance for
Crimson Glory & Midnight tribute
projects.  Click the image below for
more info.


My main musical project, encompassing
my solo material, band collaborations,
and anything else that I may be working
on that doesn't neatly fit with my other
projects. All over the map stylistically, but
always quintessentially "Jake". Mostly my
own compositions, performances, and
recordings. Click the link below for the
Reinvision page.

HardKandy Records

HardKandy Records is an NY/NJ based
independent record label that covers
many styles and genres. I have worked
with their COO Greg Hines on numerous
projects and sessions over the years. He
is a man who never stops working, and
has given me reign to be as spontaneous
as I like.  Currently reconstructing under
MindlessSoundStudios, as soon as pages
and links are active, they will be updated